The World's Premier Personal Hand Sanitizer
The World's Premier Personal Hand Sanitizer
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Orbel® mobile hand sanitiser “The habit of hand hygiene”

What is Orbel?

Orbel is a personal hand sanitizer that clips onto a person’s clothing, so it is in easy arm’s reach and effectively becomes an extension of the user’s hand. It uses a stronger formula than many sanitising products on the market and effectively kills 99.999% of germs in 15 seconds and follows the “5 Moments” protocols, in line with recommendations from the WHO. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention also recommends using a hand sanitising product that contains a minimum of 60% alcohol. Orbel® gel provides 72% alcohol, well exceeding these recommendations. With a gentle rub, enough gel is dispensed onto a user’s hands to clean both hands.

The Habit of Hand Hygiene

Orbel's award-winning design borrows a page from neuroscience, as it is able to convert the hand hygiene process from something that is normally high-attention and time-consuming for the brain into an automatic process known as ‘muscle memory’. With Orbel, there is a pleasure-reward response created by the positive stimulation of the hand with its tactile rollerballs and cooling gel that reinforces neural pathways, creating subconscious habits. Orbel® was originally designed to combat Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) which affect 10% of the world’s hospital patients. The root cause of HAIs is that healthcare workers do not clean their hands as often as they should. The use of body-worn sanitizers, like Orbel®, increases compliance dramatically, and have been proven to decrease HAI rates up to 40%.

Saving time and money

Enhanced workforce hand hygiene measures also impact operational in nearly every industry, with workers having to take frequent breaks to wash their hands or walk to the nearest hand sanitizer station. This necessarily has a negative impact on productivity. Orbel reduces the burden of hand hygiene, enabling workforces to focus on completing tasks on time – keeping customers and clients happy and helping organisations of all sizes and shapes to move back towards ‘business-as-usual’.

The Challenge of Hand cleaning

The threat of infection is now a problem everywhere, be that in an office, a restaurant, at home, or on public transport.  It is now accepted that a key mechanism of infection transfer is dirty hands, yet people are still not cleaning their hands as often as they should. But cleaning one’s hands isn’t typically an easy, immediate thing to do. Shops may have pumps at the door and every station, or restaurant, might have them at the entrance, but the same problem exists here as it does in hospitals; the opportunity to clean one’s hands isn’t immediately available, and people can become complacent and tempted to carry on with their jobs in breach of hygiene standards. Orbel is a constant companion to any member of staff, enabling sanitisation anywhere at any time. It also sends a strong signal to co-workers and customers that your organisation is taking hand hygiene seriously, protecting them, your workforce, and their families.

A Great British Success

Orbel was conceived of and patented by Dyson Award winning inventor Adam Sutcliffe, within the accelerator programme run by Imperial College and the Royal College of Art London was highlighted as ‘the next big thing’ by James Dyson himself.