The World's Premier Personal Hand Sanitizer
The World's Premier Personal Hand Sanitizer
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The ORBEL™ Family 6 Pack

ORBEL™ - Six of The Premier Personal Hand Sanitizer

  • Consistent simple application with  ORBEL's Patented roller Ball design
  • Immediate accessibility with Convenient snap on clips.
  • Medical grade Hand Sanitizer,
  • Kills 99.9% of germs and viruses within 15 seconds of application
  • Patented, Award winning, Habit Forming Design
  • Take ORBEL™ with you anywhere, at work, at home, on the go !
  • Pleasant fragrance, Recyclable & eco-friendly 
  • Improves focus on tasks, disinfecting your hands on the go
  • The ORBEL™ unit sanitizes hand areas linked to cross-contamination